putting things in perspective:

1. There will always be forces for good and forces undermining the good.  We can’t change that.    

2. When we don’t bring our goodness to this unending fight (win or lose), other forces take over.  It’s that simple. 

3. We don't have to waste our energies just worrying, complaining or arguing.  We can make positive and effective change in the company of friends.

WHY I CHOSE Common Cause  

“ ... there probably has never been a reform movement so active and with such a record of accomplishment.”   - Christian Science Monitor

For almost 50 years, Common Cause, a non-partisan people's lobby, has been holding power accountable and defending our democracy.

The non-partisan issues Common Cause takes on are game-changers.  

Join Holly and I for this joyous and endless fight against corruption and greed.  There are many ways we can be part of the solution.  Take a look. Click on one or all of these links.

Join us at COMMON CAUSE 

AT These links ... And Invite Your Friends

There are so many ways to get involved -- here are some of the most important.

Will you join us to use your power to win reforms in your state and town?

Other ways to take part: Email Common Cause:

Write Me: You are welcome to write Holly and I at and we can hook you up with the right people, or join us at Common Cause Illinois.

Disclaimer: Holly and I are not spokespeople for Common Cause or Common Cause Illinois - we are volunteers and fans.

Music and Politics: My job in this world is to bring joy to myself and others through music. There is no wall between that and the rest of my life. Doing my part in promoting kindness, diversity, and defending & nurturing democracy has always been a natural extension. So I offer my perspective as it arises out of a life of music, in the hopes that it might be helpful to one person. - Corky Siegel