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One more concert with Chamber Blues and Sam Lay (Rock N Roll Hall of Fame blues legend) coming to Milwaukee on May 13th.  To me that's big news.

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And the amazing reviews for the DIFFERENT VOICES album keep coming in.  It was 12 years in the making and a culmination of my life's work.  To me, that's big news.

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Signed and Dated album with 12 page booklet available here.  Also available at all major download and streaming sites including Amazon (but not signed)


My job in this world is to bring joy to myself and others through music. There is no wall between that and the rest of my life. Doing my part in promoting kindness and defending & nurturing democracy has always been a natural extension.  So I offer my perspective as it arises out of a life of music, in the hopes that it might be helpful to one person..  Read more at