Excerpt From the August 9th, 2016 - Newsletter

Dear Cousins,

Maybe it's because I'm rounding the corner into my 74th year on this planet, or maybe it's just because of current events.  But I'm feeling so deeply immersed in making music and allowing it to uplift.  And as music helps bring the world together, I want to inspire myself and everyone toward kindness and sweet words for each other.  There is hardly anything that can serve us personally or serve the world, or serve our goal more than kindness. 

Me and Sugar Blue at the City Winery with Chamber Blues

Me and Sugar Blue at the City Winery with Chamber Blues

Kindness is strength

Don't believe for a second that kindness is weakness.  Kindness requires thoughtfulness.  Thoughtfulness leads to wisdom.  And there is no greater strength than wisdom in creating best strategy based in knowledge and experience which can easily defeat the most crazed enemies in our world - outer or inner.  Kindness is an expression of strength, confidence, and it's the application of fearlessness.  I love the Dalai Lama quote, which I'm paraphrasing, (though the great one, and actually all our great ones, profess this truth);

"Always be kind.  If you find it impossible to be kind, you should still be kind."  Wow. They know something.

You are welcome to share this.

Your Cousin, Corky