The Question

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This song/video by Holly & I, asks an essential question about our active relationship to humanity and nature. 

There is always something better than our "every day selves" that tries to offer good guidance and ultimately protect us from making really bad decisions for ourselves, or for others, humanity and nature.   It can be simply common sense, general integrity, a state of kindness (hopefully not greed or vengeance), a teaching like; "Do unto others," or "Treat your neighbor as yourself."    What or who do we follow, as individuals, for this kind of guidance?  For a follower of a religion it can be a principle, their own Lord or God.

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While respecting ones chosen guide I ask the question that I will admit, was inspired by watching a friend.  He expresses great love for his chosen guide but clearly is not following the guidance.  Originally the song was; "Who is your Lord?"  But my inner guide told me this was not too kind. LOL!  So Holly and I personalized it and asked "ourselves" the question, and lightened it up with Holly's cartoons.  The question is ours. The answer is yours.   :-)

The great ones (inside and outside) express great teachings that bond us together and with nature.   The action point in this song hopes that we all follow these teachings that bring only good into the world and apply them to every aspect of our lives including how we empower others.  

But as my dear friend Dr. L. Subramaniam says: "Though you can't change minds with words, you can get to people's hearts with song."  Enjoy the song. :-)  Your own Cousin Corky and Holly too!

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