THE QUESTION  by Holly and Corky Siegel

Who is the one
who guides me through this life
and shows me true wealth
and protects me from myself
who is the one - who is the one

who do I follow
is it vengeance or forgiveness
is his eye still on the sparrow
or oblivious and narrow
who do I follow  - who do I follow

We accept a bounty - for our own hearts to share
not for those that have - but for ones with pockets bare
is enough never enough - for our greed to hold
what is our treasure  - to be loving or cold

Is this our heaven - to care for its earth
and nurture its health
or just suck out its blood and trade it for wealth
is this our heaven

Who is the one painting rainbows so diverse
to behold and adore
or to pluck out a color to repress and abhor - who is the one

An outpouring of kindness
or anger and blame
Embracing this whole world -
as one nation
or do we see only separation
Show me the vision for this creation

We know the one - Who guides us through this life
who shows us true wealth - and protects us from ourselves
We know the one - We all know the one

EXTRA CHOURS: We all have the answers, We all see the way, We all listen to wisdom,  don't always hear it, We all have the answers, we all see the way, we all know the one, we all know the one.