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“Their lyrics often have the narrative complexity of Leonard Cohen or the nimble wit of Noël Coward. Mention should also be made of the stream of instruments that flowed through the Sons’ inexhaustibly dextrous hands during the night, and also of the gorgeous 3-part harmony that has become their vocal signature.  Fortunately, it’s is so crowded, there’s nowhere to keel over to; the worst that can happen is a sort of semi-collapse onto your neighbor’s shoulder. With any luck he’s someone you know.”
Huffington Post.

Sons of the Never Wrong are a folk trio from Chicago made up of Bruce Roper, Deborah Lader, and Sue Demel. The band has been creating original "turbo-charged folk music" for 19 years to a cult-like national following. With their different take on three part harmony on top of witty, whimsical songs, Sons’ style springs from a tradition you’d swear you've heard, but this just ain't your grandpop's folk music.

The Son's 6 CD releases have brought them stunning national and international reviews as well as extensive radio-play. It is their live performances though that win the audience's hearts. The group can barely stand still on stage and insty-choreography results in a non-stop show of stories, dancing, and odd-ball humor. Yet it is when the three step up to the mic and belt out one of their many gorgeously- arranged songs, that you know you are in for something extra special.


Sons of the Never Wrong are never more dazzling than when they are joined by the stellar ensemble Chamber Blues, with Blues harmonica legend and award-winning chamber music composer Corky Siegel.  He has crafted a new and original mix of folk, blues, and classical that's ingeniously woven together in an intricate stunning tapestry of 3 part harmony vocals, Juilliard schooled strings, soulful harmonica, jazz piano, and world percussion.



Whether it's scatting, chanting, collaborating, or writing, Sue explodes the pre-conceived notions of singing.

As a founding and current member of folk trio Sons of the Never Wrong, Sue tours nationally, performing original, acoustic music. Her body of work as a songwriter achieves a rare peace between the boundaries of love and redemption. A seasoned back-up vocalist featured on over 50 CDs, Sue is currently a recording artist on Waterbug records where her original songs, arrangements, and vocals are featured. In addition being a welcomed guest artist with Chamber Blues, and Sons of the Never Wrong, Sue is also part of a gospel/jazz septet called Come Sunday.


“And then there’s Sue Demel, a singular voice: a rich, athletic, octave-hurtling instrument that purrs and growls, rocks the foundation and raises the roof. Demel is a well-tuned Maserati. She delivers with such a resplendent shimmer, you almost expect her to blink into a column of light,"
- Huffington Post

Sue is the perfect counter-part and companion to Corky Siegel who immediately establishes himself as a crowd pleaser causing numerous outbreaks of applause and laughter. "His blues piano is fascinatingly complex, and he can make the harmonica speak, moan, breathe, protest, weep, sigh - anything you want." Sue Demel and Corky Siegel - it's perfectionism!