Duets and More: Howard Levy

Howard Levy is equally at home in Jazz, Classical music, Rock, Folk, Latin, and World Music, he brings a fresh lyrical approach to whatever he plays.

Howard Levy is a musician without limits. Composer, Grammy Award winner, multi-instrumentalist, he is best known for his astonishing harmonica playing, which has earned him the admiration of audiences worldwide. This has made him a favorite and a recording artist sought after by the likes of The Flecktones, Kenny Loggins, Dolly Parton, Rabih Abou Khalil, and Paquito D, Rivera, Styx, Donald Fagen, and Paul Simon.

All About Jazz says, "Levy’s harmonica playing is startlingly fluid and full of the technical prowess that would be expected from the genre’s top saxophonists, not from an instrument that is often associated with campfire cowboys and Mississippi bluesmen…These musicians have come together to prove, once again, that it’s not necessary to only look to New York for the best in American jazz.”

It is only natural then that Corky Siegel and Howard Levy, two of Chicago's most revered and celebrated music treasures,  would come together to make people laugh while knocking them flat with jaw dropping virtuosity.