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The most requested Siegel–Schwall recordings from the popular RCA/Wooden Nickel years are now speaking out after way more than a decade of silence. SCROLL DOWN!


"I've just spent the past two mornings listening to the CDs you sent. I'd forgotten what it was about the old Siegel Schwall recordings that I'd treasured, beyond Corky's harpooning, Rollo's muscular base, Jim's subtle and inventive guitar, and Shelly's superior sticks. What I really treasured, and missed about these recordings, was the sound of you guys obviously having so much fun playing with each other. There is something not only entertaining but invigorating and engaging about the infectious joy you guys were experiencing making this music.  Once again, decades later, you have brightened and made my world a happier place with your music.
  ~ Will Webster - Canada - 8/17/2018


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Different Voices Hand-Held CD w/12 pg booklet (signed/dated by me) Includes digital copy and FREE DOWNLOADS (30+ songs)

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OTHER CHAMBER BLUES CDs  ”In most of these compositions, the seemingly apposing forces of classical and blues are placed side by side. Their brilliant contrasting musical personalities are cherished and maintained, producing joyful sparks. Watching them work so well together gives me hope for the world.”Corky Siegel

SYMPHONIC BLUES CDs "While Siegel-Schwall (head-over-heals in love with the blues) was in residency with the masters, like Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Willie Dixon, in the iconic blues clubs of the 1960's, I was also mentored at the same time by Maestro Seiji Ozawa and composer William Russo. My heart was suffused with classical music. In 1968 we all performed together with the Chicago Symphony in the very first 'symphonic blues' experience. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that these two huge selling DG recording projects with Seiji Ozawa and the Sanfrancisco Symphony are historic." Note: - Corky Siegel  (Please choose "Street Music, 3 Pieces" - both historic works on one CD)


SIEGEL-SCHWALL CDs.  "From 1965 through 2005" Siegel-Schwall recorded for Vanguard, RCA, Alligator, & Deutsche Grammophon.  There are three distinct periods.  The early recordings show innocence, young energy and learning.  The mid recordings on RCA/Wooden Nickel are the best songs and arrangements of original material that we composed and performed during our hey-day, and they are now available on CD. The later recordings of 1987 and 2005 was when Siegel-Schwall became more of a blues band with the addition of the blues master and Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Sam Lay."  (Reunion Concert is the best representation of Siegel-Schwall from 1987 onward and the Flash Forward CD is a studio recording when I talked Sam into writing a bunch of new songs - Corky Siegel    

BREAKING NEWS: After more than a decade of silence the most popular Siegel-Schwall recordings are speaking out.  The original RCA/Wooden Nickel recordings from a most exciting chapter in the saga of Siegel-Schwall are now re-released as hand-held compact discs on Wounded Bird Records.  Corky will sign and date.  (digital downloads below)


Songwriter CD - "Here are some of my best tunes written and recorded during my 1974-1976 singer-songwriter period" - Corky Siegel.  This CD is a compilation of two solo albums - Corky Siegel - Dharma Records and Goodbye California on Stuff Records

The Book - Let Your Music Soar - The Emotional Connection. "They say 'play it form the heart' but what does this really mean and how do you do it?  It took me 20 years to get this in writing with the help of Peter who was willing to dig deep with me. - Corky Siegel

This audio book won many major awards such as; Newbery Honor, Kirkus Prize, Odyssey Honor Award, New York Times Editor's Choice, Washington Post Best Books of the Year, NPR 2015 Great Reads, Audiophile Best Audio Book of 2015, Publisher's Weekly Best Book of the Year. 

Other Digital Downloads of Albums

Digital Downloads of the classic Siegel-Schwall recordings originally on RCA re-mastered and available for the first time in decades.  All the classic 1971 - 1973 ALBUMS - are coming soon but the three most requested are available here.  The Siegel-Schwall Band,  953 West and Sleepy Hollow.  Corky will not be able to sign them because they are digital ALBUMS. LOL!  Also, see the free download of the wild harmonica solo from the live recording of Hush Hush.

Please Note: If you are interested in purchasing copies of the extremely hi-rez 24-bit 88.2k files used in the remastering sessions, these are available.  Inquire

FREE download: Crazy Harmonica Solo from Hush Hush

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Siegel-Schwall 953 WEST 1973

Siegel-Schwall 953 WEST 1973

Siegel-Schwall SLEEPY HOLLOW 1972

Siegel-Schwall SLEEPY HOLLOW 1972